Friday, October 21, 2005

The writing dilemma.

I love songs and I love music. What I don’t truly get is poetry. I think this is a great flaw that I have which doesn’t make any sense because songs are in essence poems. What songs have that words on paper lack is the author’s voice inflection. Singers have the ability to control pitch and tone. This clues the listener into what is important.
I’ve wanted to write about Stevie Nick’s song “Nightbird” for a while now, but I got bogged down on the words. I looked up the lyrics online, and when I actually saw the words in writing, I felt like I lost the true spirit of the song. I lost the atmosphere that the song created for me. Now I have a new plan. I’m going to go back to the song and just listen to it and write about how Stevie’s music affects me, and why I make her music apart of my life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Weekend Update

1.Scott and I saw Elizabethtown. I’m sure that Scott will be writing a review of the movie soon, so I’ll let you check that out on his blog. I will say that I was super excited that a Fleetwood Mac song was included. The producer was, after all, Cameron Crowe.
2. Saturday I ran in the Hoofin’ for Habitat race. I had a really great time. My first race. I was runner number 110. I am very proud of myself; I completed the race and am enthused about doing another. I did learn a few things.

A)Eating breakfast is a must. Energy is a good thing.
B)5k doesn’t mean 5 miles. I’m not up on the metric system,but I soon figured it out.
C)Everyone there was super supportive, good people who care about being healthy.

3. Scott went to the seafood festival, which he and a fellow coworker and our friend worked. We had a good time, ate some good seafood, checked out the redneck Savannah folks.
4. Sunday my good buddy Crystal caned down and we went to the Widespread Panic concert. It was a great show; I danced my butt of, doing what Scott refers to as the hippie, widespread fly swatting groove. I’m sure he will correct me if my terminology is wrong, but you get the idea. And that, my friends, was my weekend. Now I’m doing school groove.

I know I said I was planning on doing a weekly Fleetwood Mac blog, and even when Derek sarcastically said “Good luck with that” I still thought I could do it. Turns out it happens to be a bit more work than I had expected. And, although, I still want to do it I think it may have to wait until school and life isn’t quite so hectic. I’ll be just as surprised as you are if I manage to post something soon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I dont know

When you have a question you can’t answer. I have the perfect answer. I don’t know. I’ve figured out the secret to everything.  Having to make all of these life decisions is stressing me out. So, I’ve made a decision to not make any decisions. Good Plan   Now I can concentrate on the here and now without worrying about what I’m going to do next May.  Good Plan.  
Ok, so maybe this is too much of a Bridget Jones’ solution, but it really is the best I’ve got for right now.

On to another question: Are towns really like “The Gilmore Girls’” Stars Hollow?  I seem to have found my way to Statesboro, Georgia and I think I could live here if things were as cute and quaint as Stars Hollow. Unfortunately, Statesboro has all of the small town gossip, usual small town job opportunities and Wal-mart.  Don’t get me wrong Statesboro is really growing on me, but wouldn’t it be cute to be able to walk around Statesboro like Lorelai and Rory walk around Stars Hollow. Okay, soo it’s just a thought, but it would be really fun. I want the nice clothes and perfect hair too. Owning a successful Inn would top things off.    

That random thought just brought me to another. Tonight’s episode of “Gilmore Girls” had me totally relating to Rory. When last season ended Rory was told that her dreams would never come true, she would never be a successful journalist. What does Rory do? She runs away. Instead of standing up and fighting for her dreams and goals, she decides to quit Yale and move in with her Grandparents. As a dedicated fan of Gilmore Girls and Rory, I’ve been really pissed off with Rory’s lack of strength.  Tonight I totally supported Rory’s escape from realty.  Shouldn’t people, even extremely motivated and goal orientated people be allowed to take breaks.          

Basically, what all of this rambling comes down to is me trying to wrap my brain around what to do about the future, and how that decision should effect the present. (question: does anyone else analyze the words effect and affect every single time you use them. It’s so annoying. It’s like then and than. You swear you know when to use the correct word, but you end up going back and second guessing yourself.) Less rambling and more interesting post planned for tomorrow.    

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Things that make life better.

I recently heard two sisters discussing the traits that they have unknowingly taken on from their mother. This led to an analysis of the traits that I have from my mother. Of course these are traits that I swore I would never ever have. One I am indulging in at this very moment: Coffee, one cup of coffee with creamer.  My coffee even looks just like my mother’s.  As a child I hated coffee, it never appealed to me. I wasn’t like my mother, who apparently started drinking coffee as soon as she could say “I want some.” Being the first grandchild her grandmother, my Maw-Maw, indulged her. That’s not such a bad trait or habit really. Coffee is a good social stimulant.
Looking back at my mother’s life, I realized following in her foot steps isn’t such a bad thing. I just want to tweak things to fit me. I would like to learn from the life that she chose to lead.
  She was a kick ass mother.  She always provided for us and had enough love for everyone. That’s certainly a trait that I want. I want my future child to know how much I love it. I want to make Christmas and Birthdays and all holidays super special, just like she did.
I wouldn’t mind being a great cook.  Knowing that people associate your dressing, or apple cake with Thanksgiving and Christmas would rock. I want to be able to cook from the recipes that she cooks from. Knowing that these are recipes that she got from her grandmother, and they are still serving our family. There is something so special about cooking bisquits that turn out just like my mother’s. It always reminds me of home and of the love that I felt there. Food, in that way is so very comforting.
I hope one day to have a garden just as beautiful as hers. Just to be half the gardener she is would thrill me to no end. To know that I inherited her green thumb and to know that a part of her is in me is just an awesome feeling.      
These days when I’ve been down and out and just feel like I can’t do much of anything right, I look back at my mother. She raised three children, one of which she has already lost, and still she moves forward. She’s the glue that keeps my family together. In not so many words, she taught me that when things get tough you just keep moving forward.  It’s how she has lived her life and how I must live mine. These days when I just want to climb in bed and have a good cry and then curl up with a good book, just avoid life really. I look back at my mother and realize, if for no other reason, I have to move forward so that I don’t let her down.
Hopefully, I haven’t been too sentimental for you, the reader. If nothing else just know that I feel WAY better.  Hey, this is coming from the girl who has watched “Gilmore Girls” all though college.


For those of you who don’t know-- autumn is my all-time favorite season. To jump start the season, Desdemona (Scott’s dog) and I carved Mister Pumpkin-head on Sunday. It went like this: I did all of the carving and the cleaning up, while Dez curiously looked on, and attempted to steal pumpkin seeds. She is half beagle and eats anything and everything. Even 4 raw pork chops left unattended on the kitchen counter. We love our dog.

Because I love autumn, I’ve decided to do my best to find a Fleetwood Mac song to support the season. This has turned into a huge Fleetwood Mac song search. I’ve realized that I’ve loaned Fleetwood Mac CD’s to friends who haven’t returned them, and left Fleetwood Mac CDs at home. So now I have one line of one song running through my head, and I can’t seem to find it. I knew this would happen.

I have more to say, but I’ve already killed an amazing amount of time searching for the perfect Fleetwood Mac song, and “Oliver Twist” must be read by tomorrow. The life of a student.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fleetwood Mac

After cruising around other people’s blogs, I’ve noticed a few things. 1. Some people become super personal 2. There is good writing and bad writing 3. A lot of people come up with really cool themes that not only represent their personality, but also keep readers interested in what they have to say. I’ve seen people who use only song titles for all of their blog titles, very cool. One guy is writing about where he went wrong in all of his past relationships, starting from the very beginning. Interesting to say the least. So, I’ve decided to 1. Avoid the personal stuff as much as possible, while still keeping those who read my blog from a distance updated. 2. I’m going to work on having decent writing. Hopefully the bad grammar won’t be off putting, and I do my best to catch all miss-spelled words. 3. I’m creating a theme of sorts.

What does this have to do with the tile you say? Well, I decided to take something that I’m interested in, Fleetwood Mac, and make it apart of my blog. Here’s the plan: once a week I hope to write something Fleetwood Mac related, or review a Fleetwood Mac song. Just for the record, I’m considering Stevie Nicks as part of Fleetwood Mac, but I will also include some of her personal records in some of the topics. This not only provides a theme for my blog, but also gives me a chance to see how music has affected my life. As for you the reader, hopefully you will be entertained. If nothing else you’ll have proof as to what a huge dork I am.

A little Introduction:

Fleetwood Mac
A band that has served as friend, lover, and psychologist all in one, beginning with the first time I heard “Rhiannon.” Unfortunately, I’m a little young to have ever been apart of the Fleetwood Mac generation. I hopped on the Fleetwood Mac bandwagon at the very end of the band’s career. I missed the drugs, the crazy love affairs, and the wild concerts, but I’ve got the lasting music produced from such an erotic life style. Here’s the band.

Lindsey Buckingham: Singer and plays guitar
Stevie Nicks: Singer and plays the tambourine.
Mick Fleetwood: Drummer
Christine McVie: Keyboardist and singer
John McVie: Bassists

Hoofin’ for Habitat

I’ve decided to put my exercise plan to the test by running a 5k for Habitat for Humanity. Monday I went to the RAC (School’s gym) to jog on the treadmill, while I was there I noticed that they had different runs advertised. A light came on. I thought “Hey, what better way to keep me motivated then to sign up for scheduled runs.” I decided that running for a charity would be a much better plan for me. I would not only be supporting a good cause, but I won’t be quite as embarrassed for walking when other people will be walking as well. Then maybe I can work up to real, serious races. Maybe Not. Come October 15 we will see how well I do. To prepare I’ve downloaded the 5k course, which happens to be on Georgia Southern’s campus, and I plan on giving it a go today. I know many of you will be traveling away to support Georgia Southern football, or headed to Savannah for the seafood festival (which I hope to still make). But for those of you remaining in the 'boro' for the weekend, come out and join me. It should be a blast.