Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Scott found this amazing music magazine, Paste, which I promptly stole from him. I did ask first, so technically I’m not a thief. I believe that he is planning on writing about it on his blog, but he is taking way to long so I’m writing about it myself.

Paste Magazine is an independent music magazine. It is produced bi-monthly and features musicians, reviews music (of course), along with films and books. It’s classy, it’s cool, the writing is amazing and this month Paste is featuring one of my favorite artists, Fiona Apple.

Unlike many of you old fogies, Fiona Apple got me through my adolescent years. When the music video for “Criminal” came out I was memorized. I was awe struck by Apple’s ability to create such emotional intensity. At that point in my life Stevie Nicks was a huge influence, but because she was older, I felt that age created her mystique. Apple taught me that depth can be found in the young, that I, too, had the right to feel.

Paste also comes with a free CD and DVD. The CD Scott has, so I haven’t had the opportunity to check it out, but I really enjoyed the DVD. It features short films; one of my favorites was Dear Sweet Emma, and music videos.

I’m sleepy and it’s time for bed so go check out Scott’s new find for your self.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is it summer

Is it summer?

At this time of year most people spend nights huddled in their beds trying to keep as much heat in as possible. I, however, have my one window open, I’m sleeping in as little as possible and I’ve still woken up sweating and miserable. Tomorrow night I plan on putting the box fan back in the window. Thank You roommates!

My roommate is from Zimbabwe and has not seen her mother in 5 years. Her mother has recently arrived for graduation and the Holidays, and being an older lady she requires more heat. This is why our apartment temperature is roughly 85 degrees. At least this is what it was when I went to bed tonight.

I love my parents. I really like Pippa’s mom. I just wish when parents came to visit they didn’t disrupt your entire life. I hate sweating in the summer. I hate it even more in the fall/winter. And I really hate it when I have a cold and heat makes breathing more of a task than it already is.

Parents, I love ya but next time rent a hotel!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Today is Monday and the first time I’ve touched a computer since last Tuesday. I decided school was out and Thanksgiving was a good excuse to just avoid the world and enjoy my family. I was able to dedicate one day to each parent. It was super nice. Unfortunately, my sister is still in Mexico so the phone ended up being my only connection to her and on one of our chats we were both so incredible sleepy that we just gave up. Turkey does that to you.

While avoiding the world minus Scott, he is always included, I read a great book: This Boy’s Life: A Memoir by Tobias Wolff. Lately I’ve found myself drawn to reading memoirs. There is something powerful in knowing that what you’re reading, although in story form, is someone’s life. Tobias Wolff tells a tale that has readers grabbing a pen to underline life-changing passages that remind us of our lives. At least that’s what I did.

We travel along with a young Toby Wolff as he travels across the country with his mother, escaping one stepfather after another. With every move Wolff searches for his identity, even changing his name to create his own personality. Readers watch a boy who tries desperately to make the world see him for what he is. Not just a wild, outrageous rough and tumble boy with an attitude, but a boy with potential and possibility. Wolff’s story of growing up in the 50’s becomes a tale that spans all generations.

Knowing that everything comes to an end is a gift of experience, a consolation gift for knowing that we ourselves are coming to an end. Before we get it we live in a continuous present, and imagine the future as more of that present. Happiness is endless happiness, innocent of its own sure passing. Pain is endless pain.

As a reader I soaked this passage in, reading and re-reading these words, relating them to my life. Wolff was able to draw meaning out of his life and put it into words that express what all people must learn. Even as I sit here thinking about this book and this passage, I realize that I still have yet to comprehend what Wolff is saying. To live is to experience and that’s what Wolff as taught me.

A lot of Wolff’s travels I couldn’t relate to, but I immediately thought of Scott and of all the times he has had to move and make new friends. Wolff just seems to know the kids that were destined to be his friends. This makes me wonder if people truly know, instinctively, the path that is supposed to be theirs, the people that are supposed to be in their lives. Maybe, maybe not.

Final Rating: Five Stars--- A great read that causes great thought while being very entertained. Wolff is a master at storytelling, even when it’s his own life.