Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. My sister is in town with her boyfriend and my husband was snuggling next to me. Although, going to work on New Years Eve really sucks I felt pretty happy. I jumped in the shower. I don’t know about you but the shower seems to be where I have all of my greatest thoughts, such as they are. So as the water poured out I remember that when I through away my favorite jeans: the ones with the hole in the crotch and the beginning of a hole on my butt. I had thrown away my Belk Gift Card. My $11 dollar gift card was in the dumpster!

You see, yesterday I had frantically been cleaning up my tiny apartment because my sister and her boyfriend were coming to spend New Years with us. In my haste I said I love these ten dollar Express jeans from Good Will, but they have Got To Go-- You know the holes and all. So I chunked them. One less thing to wash! YeePee and then I asked my husband to take out the garbage.

He did… and this is why I found myself at 7:55 am racing to the dumpster. I don’t know about you but I have to work One Whole Hour for Eleven dollars and I’ve had my eye on two Beau-t-ful brown towels at Belk that only cost $8.00. That $ll.00 would cover taxes too!

So I fished around in the dumpster. Jumping around and yelling “If there are any rats around please don’t let me see you!” Finally, I ran back to my apartment begged my husband to help. While promising to bonk me on the head if the card wasn’t in my jean pocket he fished out the ten dollar express jeans and I got my $11.00 Belk gift card! Brown towels here I come.

And that is how I started my last day of 2007.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Post of August!

Graduate School starts for me on Monday. I have 1 day left of freedom and this is how I’m spending it:

1) Grocery shopping

2) Cleaning the bathroom and washing clothes

3) Having dinner with the future in-laws

4) Supper with our awesome friends

5) Familiarizing myself with Valdosta’s Website (luckily very similar to Georgia Southerns web-site)

6) House Hunting

7) Trying to finish Harry Potter

Yes! I said House Hunting! Here’s the story: Our wonderful cat, Smitty, made his great escape while family was in town last weekend for Scott and my shower. We were devastated. We looked for him everywhere, put up flyers and I constantly scanned Lanier drive for him. We even ran an ad in the Herald. After 2 days and 2 sleepless nights we found him and brought him home! A Happy Ending. (Picture is Smitty as a baby)

Now the spark: I love Georgia Southern University. I love the students and I hope they enjoy GSU as much as I did. But, I no longer want to live around them. I hate all of the traffic, both cars and foot traffic, around my apartment. I hate that my dog and 2 cats don’t have a yard of their own. And after almost losing Smitty, I decided I had had enough. The very next day I went to the bank and found out we could buy a house!

Owning your own home is the American Dream! I’m more excited about buying a house then I am about planning my wedding. I’ve been dragging friends all around Statesboro looking at houses and finding neighborhoods, and it’s been so much fun. Hopefully, Scott and I will find the perfect first house for the kids and us.

Running update: Not so good. In fact lousy! I can’t seem to get back into a routine after being sick and that really stinks. I’m planning on getting back into my running routine as school starts on Monday.

Note: 1. I know bad things can happen even living in a house in a nice neighborhood. 2. I’m really nervous about grad school.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yesterday my co-workers said that I was Vanilla: as in style, personality my over presentation of myself. Within the first 3 seconds I immediately thought “No I’m not!” but then I looked down at my brown linen pants with my plain cranberry top and realized “Yes I am.” And then I realized that I was okay with being Vanilla. I rather like being Vanilla. In fact, I’ve never been more accepting and comfortable in my own skin before. I like myself and I have far fewer moments of the “Why the hell did I say that?” or the “Why do I have to be socially retarded?” So this morning when I put on my old trusty Kicks with yet another pair of tan linen pants with an equally boring pink shirt I thought bring on Vanilla and bring on ME.

Jogging update: Being sick put a crimp in my training schedule. I’ve been really disappointed about not being able to be active. I also found that I’m grumpier and I eat SO much more when I haven’t worked out. Such is life. (that’s a Grandmother saying :)) Hopefully, I’ll feel up to a short run tomorrow.

Oh Yeah, I don’t talk about work here but my Harry Potter program went really well! I had to share.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Training: Novice

Well, I’m starting my second week of training. If I follow my 12-week guide I should be ready to run my first Half Marathon by October the 6th: the Saturday before the wedding. Too bad I have to work that Saturday. And yes I know that GSU has a home game, but it was work that Saturday or not get to go to my own wedding.

This week I’ll be adding strength training along with cross training. And on this new training schedule I’ll only have 1 day of rest every other day is filled with running, cross training or strength training. It’s a pretty interesting schedule and should keep me on my toes. I’m thinking about getting my bike up and running and using it as my cross. I’m really not much of a swimmer but that might be fun or at least a change.

For my running update: I did 4 miles on Saturday in 35:02. My goal was 5 miles, but just walking home was a chore after those first 4. I did try to jog a little on the way back.

I did go see Harry Potter this weekend! And my study is kinda clean. I’m sorry that my blog revolves around all this jogging stuff. At least I’m posting again!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Old Dirty Kicks

My college friend Mitzi and I were talking about the Nike Sport and because she lives 5 hours hours away she asked me to post a picture of my Tennis Shoes with the Runner's Pouch. So there you have it folks. At least you can't smell them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I am so jealous! Georgia Southern is serving Watermelon on Sweetheart Circle today and I’m going to miss it. All of you students or if you work on Campus: “Eat some for me!” ah I guess this is what happens when you collect a regular paycheck.

Not much else is happening in this little corner of the web. Jogging update: I'm number 317 out of 558 in my beginners challenge.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Today's morning jog SUCKED! I'm starting over NOW! It's going to be good day!