Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Post of August!

Graduate School starts for me on Monday. I have 1 day left of freedom and this is how I’m spending it:

1) Grocery shopping

2) Cleaning the bathroom and washing clothes

3) Having dinner with the future in-laws

4) Supper with our awesome friends

5) Familiarizing myself with Valdosta’s Website (luckily very similar to Georgia Southerns web-site)

6) House Hunting

7) Trying to finish Harry Potter

Yes! I said House Hunting! Here’s the story: Our wonderful cat, Smitty, made his great escape while family was in town last weekend for Scott and my shower. We were devastated. We looked for him everywhere, put up flyers and I constantly scanned Lanier drive for him. We even ran an ad in the Herald. After 2 days and 2 sleepless nights we found him and brought him home! A Happy Ending. (Picture is Smitty as a baby)

Now the spark: I love Georgia Southern University. I love the students and I hope they enjoy GSU as much as I did. But, I no longer want to live around them. I hate all of the traffic, both cars and foot traffic, around my apartment. I hate that my dog and 2 cats don’t have a yard of their own. And after almost losing Smitty, I decided I had had enough. The very next day I went to the bank and found out we could buy a house!

Owning your own home is the American Dream! I’m more excited about buying a house then I am about planning my wedding. I’ve been dragging friends all around Statesboro looking at houses and finding neighborhoods, and it’s been so much fun. Hopefully, Scott and I will find the perfect first house for the kids and us.

Running update: Not so good. In fact lousy! I can’t seem to get back into a routine after being sick and that really stinks. I’m planning on getting back into my running routine as school starts on Monday.

Note: 1. I know bad things can happen even living in a house in a nice neighborhood. 2. I’m really nervous about grad school.


Jessica said...

Ahh! First day of class and I'm already stressed!

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