Sunday, July 08, 2007

I’m surprised of myself.

Kelley, I’m sure you have heard about all of this from your sister. This is my disclaimer on how boring you might find this post!

Ok, last Sunday I bought the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. The only problem is you have to buy the very expensive Nike shoes that the Kit works with. Luckily, this company Grantwood Technology created the handy Sport Pouch for only $6.99. The down side: you have to order it online and wait a week for it to arrive, especially during a holiday week.

But it came yesterday! And it ROCKED! Seriously, this is the coolest jogging tool EVER. I realized that the loop that I thought was 2 miles is really 3. 3 Miles! I’ve been trying for weeks to jog at least 2 miles and I’ve been doing it the entire time and didn’t know it. Now that is an increase in the self-esteem area.

My one mistake that I did make yesterday was I tool my dog Dez along. Boy was she freaking SLOW! She trailed along behind as far as her leash would let her. And yes I do understand the potty breaks, but still I wanted an accurate view of my time. On the plus side she kept me company and I’ll probably keep taking her with me. I think with the proper jogging leash she can be great. Hehehe It was starting to storm yesterday and we had a huge crack of thunder Man you have never seen that dog take off so fast. I was like “Now that’s what I’m taking about!” At least I know she has it in her.

The other cool feature about the Nike + iPod is that it not only keeps up with your times, distances, calories burned all on your iPod, but you can log on to and keep a record of all your runs, sign up for challenges with other people and set goals for yourself. I signed up for this Beginners challenge for the month of July. Already someone has invited me to take part in her challenge. It’s pretty freaking cool.

I think the handiest part of the Nike + iPod (I’m just going to call it Nike Sport from here on out) is that it counted down my miles. There is nothing more encouraging then hearing “300 meters left”, Well Hell Yeah I can do that. It does the same if you set it for time or whatever you want.

Anyway, I'm happy that a friend recommended it to me and I definitely recommend it to anyone who jogs or thinks they want to. It works for walkers t0.


Stacey said...

Wow! That sounds very cool. And congrats on jogging so much ... 3 mils would seriously kill me.

Jessica said...

Thanks Stacey
Anyone can jog and I'm super slow. I really think it's all in mind control.

Derek said...

Kaytee is still trying to get me to get one too. But I just bought new shoes and am still happy with my Shuffle. Don't need to buy new stuff for jogging for a while...

Derek said...

Oh, and way to go!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Derek. I really love the Nike + iPod. It has really got me going. Plus agreeing to Kaytee's challenge helps.

Anonymous said...

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